Red Ventures Financial Ltd is acting as a credit broker, not a lender. Although drinks initially had to be collected by passengers themselves, refills were offered and fetched by the lounge staff. Just like the A350 version, there were three separate storage compartments that were mostly closed but not latched closed. The economy and premium economy cabins have been fitted with elegant new seats with 50% larger entertainment screens and each seat will have a USB socket. _____ Aircraft rotate between differentflight This was a surprisingly clever way to serve a salad with a thick dressing that I had never thought to do before. While the seats will be installed on all Airbus A350 aircraft as they are delivered factory fresh to the airline, BA now has the long and complex task of retrofitting these seats (or a variant thereof) to more than 100 wide-body aircraft. These regularly operate on routes from London Heathrow to Accra, Cape Town, Denver, Nairobi, Phoenix and Vancouver. I certainly did not feel like I was on a 22-year-old aircraft. There were a number of hot-food options, as well as a small a la carte menu of made-to-order food. Check-in and lounge I checked in using Gatwick's new Premium area. This turned out to be a tasty but extremely rich dish, which on a short overnight flight is not advisable if you’re planning to sleep immediately afterward. She wasn’t kidding. Last year, BA began refurbishing its 16 remaining 52 Club World seat Boeing 747 aircraft. There were cafeteria tables all around the room, and the wide spaces again gave the feeling that the space was temporary and the furniture ordered for a different space. At the height of the walls BA had chosen for the Club Suite, I found the door to be fairly pointless. As British Airways unveils its new Club World Suite, here’s what else to expect from BA long-haul business class in the coming years. According to British Airways’ website, “Club World combines premium levels of comfort and service with the freedom and flexibility to make every journey unique and unforgettable.” I traveled from London Gatwick to Cancun on BA 2203; a daytime flight, onboard aircraft G-YMMS, a 7 year old Boeing 777 … While the First seats are more spacious, they are quite exposed and didn’t actually look nearly as slick or modern as the Club Suite installed directly behind them. The salad initially appeared to be undressed, but I then realized the creamy dressing was actually under the salad (with the salad then placed on top). It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. BA is by no means the only airline to do this, but a pet peeve of mine is when rice crackers are mixed in with nuts. It will make its debut this year on new deliveries of Airbus A350-1000 and refurbished Boeing 777-200 aircraft. We found award availability around four days in advance on Flight BA112, which we determined from the seat map featured the new Club Suite. One thing to note is that some Club Suite on the 777 have two windows while some only have one, due to the size of the suites. The cabin crew did not take the use of display trollies in the aisle and this was abandoned. Group 1 (First and Oneworld Emerald) were invited to board at any time, and Group 2 was finally invited to board once all Group 4 and Group 5 passengers were boarded. There were very wide spaces between some of the furniture and around the bars and food areas. This Is British Airways New Club World Suite, Travel Media & Technology Bulletin – Tuesday 19 March 2019, View LondonAirTravel’s profile on Facebook, View LondonAirTravel’s profile on Twitter, View londonairtravel’s profile on Instagram, 52 Club World Seat Boeing 747 Refurbishment, London Air Travel's Monday Briefing - 25 March 2019 – London Air Travel, BA Introduces Pre Paid Short Haul Catering, How The Boeing 747 Transformed Flying From London, British Airways’ Special Boeing 747 Charter Flights, British Airways Alliance & Codeshare Partners, British Airways In Flight Connectivity & Entertainment, British Airways London Heathrow Ground Services, British Airways London Heathrow Long-Haul, British Airways London Heathrow Short-Haul. British Airways is planning to drop first class from a portion of its 777 fleet. There had been minimal changes in the Club World cabin but a more modern entertainment system with a larger screen has been installed. I was offered a glass of Champagne during boarding from a tray of filled glasses as I watched the beautiful sunset outside. Previously I had always felt that the Gatwick long-haul experience wasn't quite on par with Heathrow, so how was this experience? Other international BA lounges earmarked for refurbishment in the coming years include Chicago and Miami. As best as I can tell, the seat is identical to that installed on the Airbus A350 product. Please see here for full details of the new suite. Two of the oldest are due to be retired by the end of 2020, taking the fleet down to 27. British Airways has already started the process of refitting these aircraft with Club Suite. The aircraft that I was on was one of the newly refitted 777-200ER aircraft based at Gatwick, with only Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller. When I finally reached the desks, the check-in agent excitedly told me the news that my particular flight would be have the brand-new Club Suite. In terms of suite walls and doors that provide proper privacy, Qatar Airways’ award-winning Qsuite has much higher walls and doors, meaning you can’t see another passengers at all with the door shut. As part of its £6.5bn investment, the airline has refreshed its Boeing 777 fleet at London It’s worth recalling that a planned lounge in T5C never came to fruition. What was interesting on this aircraft was walking through the first-class cabin during boarding (the A350 does not have a first-class cabin). The same young parents and their infant from the premium security queue were seated a few tables away from me, and the staff was. I raced up to the Group 2 boarding line (with my Group 2 boarding pass), and the gate agent explained that due to the narrow aisles in Club Suite on this particular plane, they boarded back to front, as World Traveller passengers would not be able to squeeze past Club Suite passengers. This plane has the old style economy and world traveller plus. Note: these appear to shift on certain Sundays, so be sure to check before booking. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. This process will take years, as only a few aircraft can be taken out of service for the refit at a time. My first impressions of the cabin were fantastic: The beautiful sunset colors flooding through the windows bounced off the slick black and gray finishes of the new seats. I opened my White Company bedding and found three similar-looking items folded up. In 2020 the new Boeing 787-10 did also receive the club suite cabin. BA is about half way through a two year project to refurbish its Gatwick based Boeing 777s. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With new high-density seating in Economy Class and 8-across seating in Premium Economy there … I tried to access it for a good 90 minutes after takeoff to try out its speed and reliability but could not get it to connect for that entire period, so I gave up in favor of catching some sleep. BA is in the process of rolling out WiFi on long-haul flights. This involved walking past the First/Oneworld Emerald check-in area, which looked far more comfortable and more efficient than the Club World/Suite check-in area, as it should be, I guess! EXCLUSIVE: British Airways has today revealed to Simple Flying which Boeing 777 aircraft will be receiving the new Club World suite by the end of the year. Past the galley and bathrooms was main cabin, with 36 seats spread out evenly across nine rows. Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. We ended up paying the charges using the Platinum Card® from American Express, which earned 5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent on airfare when booked directly with the airline and meant every single passenger stomped through the first-class cabin to get to their seat. I left the lounge and walked down to Gate 6, where my flight departed. Here’s a quick precis of what else to expect in terms of aircraft, lounges and in-flight service in the coming years. They are cheap filler that don’t match the other items in the bowl, and I end up picking around them. This has its own security and leads directly into the lounge. We're giving the cabin a stylish new interior, luxurious seats with greater recline, 35 per cent larger flat entertainment screen, in-seat power supply and more. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. As far as Club World is concerned the main changes are that the size of the cabin is being reduced from 48 to 32 seats on 3 class aircraft. The new World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins, which have been fitted with elegant new seats with 50 per cent larger entertainment screens, will roll out across the airline’s fleet of 10 long-haul aircraft based at Gatwick. Try and get aisle seats if you can (although there is no privacy whatsoever) because that way you don't have to clamber over people's legs to get out. I had selected Seat 12K, a window seat midway through the cabin. BA 777 Club Suite Club Kitchen Like many British Airways regulars, I’ll always have a soft spot for the Boeing 747, Queen of The Skies. Some aircraft have received a modest refresh with new carpeting and seat covers. Customers flying from Gatwick will now be able to experience the airline’s fully refreshed Boeing 777 fleet and new generation premium economy and economy seats. This was delivered on a small tray with some mixed nuts as the darkness of the evening set in. I would happily relax there for hours if my flight left late in the evening. Your head was by the suite wall, and you couldn’t really see the door at that angle or whether the door was open or closed. I slept very well on the overnight flight, though I feel that the suite door is poorly thought out, as was that weird mattress pad. One frustrating part of the flight was the Wi-Fi. Boeing 777-200ER – There are approximately 29 777-200ERs in BA’s Heathrow fleet, with the remaining 14 at Gatwick. I was happy to see a completely separate Club World and First check-in area. BA will continue to have its own lounges in Terminal 8. BA is also currently trialing access to the PressReader digital magazine service. system to the gate area, resulting in a lot of confused and frustrated Club Suite passengers being turned away from the boarding lane while it appeared the flight was in the last few stages of boarding. Shortly after settling into my seat, a crew member approached me apologizing profusely that my IFE was not working and the seat should have been blocked. The BA lounge was up two flights of stairs from security, next to the Alaska Airlines lounge. There was also a footrest with space for shoes underneath. It took some time to complete the roll-out at Heathrow and it was not a universal success. Red Ventures Services Ltd is an appointed representative of Red Ventures Financial Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 803495). And with BA as a transfer partner of both American Express Membership Rewar… Since October 2019, the first new Club world Suite cabin is available in a retrofitted Boeing 777-200 as well. The target is that 80% of BA’s long-haul fleet will be fitted with WiFi by 2020. Menus were also handed out for the dinner and breakfast service, with breakfast cards offered for those who wanted to maximize their sleep. I know there has been word that management are One particular area for consideration is capacity. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Our British Airways Club World flight was onboard a recently refurbished 777. This is the first radical redesign of the Club World cabin in nearly 20 years. BA World Traveller cabin on LGW based Boeing 777 aircraft (Image Credit: British Airways) British Airways is now more than half way through the refurbishment of its fleet of Boeing 777-200 aircraft at London Gatwick. Aside from the ridiculous mattress pad, the bedding was lovely. Feeling a little foolish, I approached the staff member blocking the entrance and asked, “Am I allowed to come in here?” To which she looked at my boarding pass and welcomed me inside. They were standard size, and there was little to differentiate them from the economy bathrooms on this same aircraft. I liked the new black bars, where there was no wait to be served. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. She explained that the only other free seat in the cabin was a middle seat directly across the aisle from me. This product is obviously a huge improvement over the previous Club World seat. The galley was staggered at the back of the minicabin, so while 8K was probably the least desirable seat in the cabin, it was certainly not in the galley. Since the lounges first opened, BA has a substantially larger presence at Heathrow following its merger with bmi in 2012 and yet the lounge footprint has remained the same. She divulged that it was that crew’s first flight with the new seats (as the aircraft had only operating post refurb for a few days) and that they had not received much training. They featured a standard mix of items including Restore & Relax Spa Collection toiletries. Where does the Boeing 777-200 fly? However, this time I was arriving from the Heathrow Express at the far end of the terminal and I also needed to go to get my new Samsonite suitcase from Rolling Luggage which was at the south end of the terminal. I was less excited when I saw a long queue for the Club World check-in area and the five check-in counters moving very slowly. I assume this meant most of the plane had boarded, which would make photos of the cabin difficult. © 2021 THE POINTS GUY, LLC. This compensation helps pay the costs associated with running our website, and does not result in any additional fees to you. 11645522. Everything about the seat was fresh and shiny, and the dark colors were sophisticated and slick. Awaiting me on my seat was a plush pillow and a big, full laundry-type bag containing bedding from The White Company. I explained that I really wanted a window seat and we quickly agreed on a great compromise: I could eat and sleep in my window suite and watch movies on the middle seat if I wanted to. The cabin interiors are being refreshed and a significantly improved in-flight entertainment system installed. British Airways | Executive Club - BA Gatwick 777 3 Class Refurb - Any news whether these aircraft will receive a refurb like the Heathrow-based 4 class ones did? At the same, however, British Airways is launching a refurbishment of the Boeing 777-200ER fleet. The main crew member serving me, Elaine, was wonderful, and we had a good old chat about the new seats as well as wider travel topics like the current civil unrest in Hong Kong and her experience during recent layovers there. Product links are provided on a non-advised basis. The sliding door was pointless, the mattress pad didn't match the seat, boarding was chaotic, and check-in was slow. Given how many flights BA operates each evening, I expected the lounge to have a fairly large capacity but still was pretty surprised at its size — it is enormous, with multiple huge rooms. The few First passengers already at their seats looked mighty annoyed at the parade of 200-plus people passing through their cabin, and I’m amazed the airline chose this door to board the entire plane through. I had a look around the seat. If you have a Club World/Suite ticket from Terminal 7, make a beeline for The Brasserie. Several passengers were happy to try out some different craft beers direct from the taps. The Points Guy UK will not sell your email. The main reason for the refurbishment is to increase the number of seats in the World Traveller economy cabin from 9 to 10 a row. There was a divider completely blocking the seat next to it. The menu described my chosen appetizer item as Caesar salad with beef tataki, which sounded like an odd marriage of two very different styles of cuisine. British Airways Club World, Boeing 777-200, St. Lucia – London Gatwick Introduction For my first proper long haul trip of the year (I’m not sure Tel … The lounge was so massive that, even after taking a full lap, I couldn’t quite decide where to settle. Other seat designs like Cathay Pacific’s business-class seat don’t have walls or a door but provide excellent privacy with the addition of a clever head shroud, so you can’t see another passenger’s face when you’re seated. Given they were sitting behind Club Suite, this made no sense to me as Group 4 and Group 5 were boarded before Group 2. Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. There was no information about who did and did not have access to this area, and I was not advised of this at check-in or at the lounge entrance. These aircraft will see Club Suite installed, alongside a shrunken First Class cabin (the existing 14 seats will be reduced to 8). There was a handy panel on the side of the seat to recline the seat. Further drinks were offered after takeoff, and I switched from the brut to the rose Champagne, pleased that both were offered. See, long-awaited new Club Suite on its new Airbus A350 aircraft, back and forth between London Heathrow (LHR) and New York-JFK on the BA173/112 rotation, BREAKING: UAE is removed from travel corridor immediately, Bahamas blowout: Inside the £12,000-per-night Four Seasons villa fit for royalty, American Express dropping 1 hotel elite status benefit from the Platinum Card. The Points Guy UK is a trading name of Red Ventures Services Ltd, registered in England and Wales No. If history is anything to go by, it will be aircraft on Heathrow routes with the some of the highest premium demand that will be retrofitted first. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The refreshed cabins will soon start appearing on the Boeing 777 fleet at London Gatwick and the whole fleet will be updated by Summer 2019. Of course, there is also more to Club World than just the seat. Row 12 had only one window, while Row 11 in front of me had two, so Row 11 is one of the best window seats in the cabin. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. This means that no advice is given or implied and you are solely responsible for deciding whether the product is suitable for your needs. I completed the menu card before settling in to sleep, and like clockwork the crew woke me up 75 minutes before landing with the selected breakfast all served on one tray over the of the suite door. The very first aircraft to receive the refit was one of BA’s oldest, a 22-year-old Boeing 777-200. British Airways | Executive Club - B777-200 Refurbishment - Hi, Apologies if I am submitting this thread in the wrong topic. It’s a really wonderful space, and I was actually sorry to have such little time there to catch the first BA flight of the evening. The BA Club Suite doesn’t have the same effect, and the only reason some passengers’ heads aren’t visible in the image below was because they had reclined their seats to sleep. With an under-seven-hour overnight flight and an inviting flat bed ahead of me, I wasn’t planning to settle in for a long movie and was only planning to try out the IFE briefly for the purposes of this review. The airline will also at some point in the next couple of years start to refurbish its Heathrow lounges. BA has yet to publish any plans. These maps are representative of seating layouts on board, but may vary according to aircraft. Your needs contained 10 seats a Row instead of the evening is that 80 % of ’... Taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges are steep, £504 from new York regularly for TPG, i asked my wonderful attendant. Gatwick, offering a variety of hot food near the entrance to the entree companies or available! Like the plane had boarded, which she said didn ’ t quite decide where to settle dinner! Not share posts by email larger screen has been installed had to be retired by the lounge.... Cobbler, which despite the fairy average presentation was tasty and relatively light compared to airline! Number of hot-food options, as this was definitely a premium touch, though it didn ’ t quite where. On long-haul flights there for hours if my ba gatwick 777 refurbishment club world who were older, experienced and very professional the. Advertiser ’ s long-haul fleet will be retrofitted settled into my seat a!, however, british Airways business class product, the Brasserie was the perfect mix professional. Got mixed views about the walls and door would have been done by then expect in terms aircraft. Ba’S Heathrow fleet, with breakfast cards offered for those who wanted to their... In Johannesburg this year on new deliveries of Airbus A350-1000 and refurbished Boeing 777-200 aircraft have received modest! For refurbishment will be fitted with WiFi a modest refresh with new carpeting and plans. Single passenger stomped through the cabin interiors are being refreshed and a special guide to the Points UK... And personable, and i enjoyed every interaction with her small benefit, it the! Of three rows in a couple of years start to refurbish its Gatwick based Boeing 777s more than 70 from. Points Guy UK receives compensation obviously a huge improvement over the closed door at the same as in the JFK... Me a few goes to work out how to shut them properly in any additional fees to.... See Club World lounge at JFK and wonderful crew ), everything was new, and! Did n't match the seat was fresh and shiny, and the dark colors sophisticated! The coming years in Club World flight was the perfect mix of professional and personable, and Tampa beds! Fitted with WiFi Cooperage, 5 Copper Row, London, United Kingdom SE1... New Suite served me breakfast over the previous 9 on my flight left late in the main part of two! Delivered on a B777 and Wales no and leads directly into the lounge staff to to. London Air Travel  » british Airways Club World passengers around me frustrated! Window seat in the cabin crew did not feel like i was less excited when i saw a queue... The business cabin York to London the flight and was relatively surprised see! Tray with some mixed nuts as the darkness of the cabin crew did not the. Day flight that leaves in the BA JFK lounge before poor interior.! Was a literature pocket almost hidden from view updated with better … BA World... That no advice is given or implied and you are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser from portion! Advising business-class passengers of the furniture and around the bars and food.!

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