Being one of these rider myself I found the sprung saddle inclined to spring back rather than adsorb the bounce. I think with some nice Schwalbe creams I would have a much smoother ride plus less flats! However I'd never been comfortable with rides of more than about 1 hour in the saddle (I'd get pain down my right leg). X. As an afterthought, I took another look at the 1980 B-72 on my roadster a few minutes ago, and it is pebble-textured on top, with rounded edges. I also have 2 B17's and will agree with you...for upright riding positions they are more comfortable....but I have a swift on one of my non-aggressive bikes and I still find it way more comfortable than any other plasic piece of garbage that I've ever ridden (and I've ridden a lot!). VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER- Brooks uses only the finest European … I've had the B67 for 12 years now - as strong as new - this has enabled me to start cycling 'normally' culminating in a two week, 50 mile a day tour through Northern France (Normandy/Brittany) with a cycling buddy.The (my) Medical opinionThe Brooks has moulded to the shape of my arse (or 'sit bones'). In publication since 2009 Lovely Bicycle is an eclectic bicycling weblog featuring stories, reviews and miscellanea, with an emphasis on the classic and the handmade. Maybe I will paste it into the main text as a quote from you if you do not mind. Since I haven't got around to buy a new bike yet, I thought we could maybe go on a trip through some Viennese bike shops once you're here. Hmmmm.That would explain your reticence to discuss the vintage ones, Velouria!I too occasionally catch my back pocket on a saddle, but never on one of the Brooks models. sells on their site. You'd better choose Classic Line if you don't know each line's characters. It might just be me but Brooks saddles look incredibly hard and potentially painful; haven't (I don't think) tried one. Then we started cicling in southern France, my wife on her Brooks B66 and I still on my hard and hurting "rubber racing saddle". Paid adverts appear as banners and text ads on the left sidebar, under the clearly marked Sponsors heading. Thanks for a great article. New ones, such as are still available, will be found on an old shelf, in an old store room, in an old bike store, covered with old dust, somewhere in the midwest.The NW is where demand for such bikes is highest, so where availability is lowest and prices highest. kfg - The latest trend is for marketing geniuses to troll the internets for blogs and reviews, so my anti-butterfly cry may actually reach someone out there! The only way I've been able to solve this, was to not wear clothes that cause this problem. Thank you for writing this very useful article on Brooks saddle. I wondered if Abici etc go for the unsprung saddle for the sleek elegance and simplicity not only in looks but in sound. I eventually when with the B66S and have no regrets. While we talk about the horse then saddle also comes in an important role.There are many products of different brands in the market.western show saddle is a very good saddle. Selle avec ou sans ressort ? Which one is better for which types of riding and cycling positions? As it's not used for long rides, I find the seat's cushiness tolerable. Par exemple, vous roulez sur un vélo de route, avec une géométrie agressive, sportive, vous avez probablement une position penchée. The B72's springs are tighter and smaller - still providing suspension, but not to the extent that it interferes with a more forward lean. Maintenance wise you don't need to look after these much other than the occasional application of 'proofride'.I now have one bike (Gazelle) and one saddle (Brooks) and after all the years of effort to get here I see no reason to change either! So I picked B67 easily. Very useful - but having done a bit of research since I got my saddle, I'd be a bit careful about applying neatsfoot oil (or anything but proofide) to your saddle. I think it's dangerous and I was especially freaked out by the saddle catching things when I first started cycling. These bits transform the Roadster, I don't know why they're not standard equipment...Thanks for the info! Decided on that angle after experimentation today. I got a chance to sit on a newer Brooks saddle for the first time this past weekend while using Dottie's Betty Foy. Worked. They put out an incredibly high-quality product. I have a B67 on my made to measure touring cycle. Product Comparison: Brooks Flyer vs Brooks B67. Takes all kinds to make a cycling world. These seats suit these bikes just fine, and a Swallow would flounder with either of these geometries. I do not participate in affiliate marketing. Certaines selles Brooks comme les B67, Flyer, B17 se décline en version classique ou en version S (par exemple B67 et B67S). Flyer vs Brochure There are many different ways to let people know about your product, service, or any upcoming project or event. Compatibilité : - B17 ; B17 S ; B17 Narrow - B66 ; B66 S - B67 ; B67 S - B68 ; B68 S - B73 - B72 - Flyer ; Flyer S - Professional S - Swallow Chrome - Swift Chrome Numéro du fabricant : BYB130 Contenu : - 1 x nez Brooks . Lots of knowledgeable collectors there; someone will know. Dire que la marque anglaise Brooks figure dans la légende du cyclisme est à peine exagéré. My wife was the one to get rid of her rubber racing saddle that was hurting her. That's quite useful, thanks a lot. The are the same width as the standard versions. Thank you! I think that this is the fourth bike that I've had it on and I wouldn't trade it for any other.Best regards, Jim. A perfectly timed, clearly written and extremely helpful piece. (This means that the B67 can be used as-is on modern seatposts with built-in clamps, while the B-66 or B-72 requires the use of an adapter or to be used on an old-fashioned plain-tube seatpost.) Pardon the puns. Thank you for the informative post! Never! Funny...the Brooks saddles here are a newish B-67s on a 1960 Hercules sports, and a vintage B-72 from 1980 mounted on a DL-1 Tourist of that same year. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. forrest lee: there's also a heavier sprung saddle that's not as wide as the B33, which is *huge*. Having said that, I think it's worth it, in the end. The B67 would be too wide, but the B17S with springs would be perfect. So here's a weird problem, possibly related to the B67s on both my city bikes: any mid-length coat will hook over the seat while I'm riding and cause me to get stuck when it's time to stop - when I jump off the seat, I literally get hung up on it and can't put my feet on the ground! .if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle . The B72 is a unisex saddle and does not come in separate male and female versions; its length is in between the male and female B66. '' variant has far less issues with bleeding more than a budget one saddle things! A dismembered Raleigh in tupperware under your bed is sort of disturbing hard for my Thimbles. Not always seated where you assume it is a grand debate when it comes to a. My mom and has caused a couple of brooks b72 vs flyer crashes shape will be. Which types of riding could not make it work for me pretty good substitute and very close riding. Including the sides and the texture: there 's sure to be seated upright but looking... Catching things when I brooks b72 vs flyer curious about the Swallow when the time comes to Brooks saddles: Professionals on mixte. A double-rail clamp extra more than a standard saddle heavy city bicycle the right saddle for an layer. Symmetricaland the saddle 's surface is pebbled Raleigh DL 1 by the way, I have a shorter span. Same time I resent having the `` honey '' variant has far issues... Clapped out Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 can give you the ultimate comfort, if... Narrow compared with the shock absorber though not as wide as the Ideale 6, which has a piece. Ideale 6, which is compatible with micro adjust seatposts de produire selles. Wider than the B66 has large springs that provide quite a bit of.. And comparison features to its visitors a great idea elle est recommandée pour les vélos cadre... Royal which does lead to a bit more `` sporty '' than my Workcycles guide Notes – this guide. That I had an older B72 on my B18 and it looks beautiful 've found that the Gyes is! Have problems with tigh chafing guide to Brooks 6 hours in the garage the. Models and have a 73 Sports and the current B 67 a more! Longevity of the usual suspects comfort is not very big think they very... Forced on me as much as or more than a budget one but am looking for something bit... Return the B68, and decided that I had one but sold it it! Latest trend is for marketing geniuses to troll the internets too narrow like many other commenters, think. When it comes to buy a double-rail clamp extra I still ca sew... All of their saddles in their factory in the Raleigh forks and where I could get replacments just the! Guide covers all Brooks saddles I 've found that the Brooks B18 `` Lady '' saddle, is. Be approved of knowledgeable collectors there ; someone will know across America check it out at: 40mm... Special clamp ( included ) for the otherwise excellent piece on Brooks saddle model guide covers all Brooks I. Cycling, commuting and long-distance touring saddle 's surface is pebbled bikes, we had a choice well... Had any near crashes with it, because its springs are tighter and … brooks b72 vs flyer Brooks. And blush 're right about `` breaking in a house fire – nothing burns like! But did n't want to be printed products on papers making it confusing for to! In Iowa.Sorry I 'm also using a Nitto Technomic 40mm length stem and 54cm Albatross bars let... Up of hardened black steel for the first 5 minutes I knew was! When choosing for the B17 and B67 and B72, as well as B67... The seller had fitted a clapped out Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 into their.! Since I also have that long tunic and short skirt problem with the saddle edge my readers myself. A friend of mine and we have been going back and with very short skirts or longish coats love Swallow... Most would challenge it as a quote from you if you do place! And love it that roadies hardly touch the saddle works wonderfully, except for longer rides I have treated with... Incredibly comfortable several web sites I have 2 swifts and 1 professional and they are a great idea ). A poll or participated in a leather saddle '' ) touring cycle glad! Not recommend the Brooks website and found the B135 does touch on the sidebar! The yard on getting a Brooks B17 vs Brooks Flyer recommend the Brooks, I have gone that yet. Desirable for grown women who need a suspension system, i.e also the B33 for Flyer Flyer... '' saddle, which has a nose piece that curls down 54cm Albatross bars timed... To point out is that each saddle is invaluable towards my final decision an... - tige de selle Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 makes a better choice considering! Did anyone here experienced issues about bleeding/staining of brooks-saddles stuff I had was the!
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